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Monday, December 6, 2010

wow. scurry central.

gettin shit done.
want to see my baby?
oh shes beautiful.
actually i think its more of a he.
yes, actually. a he.
its that instrument box i told you about. i spent a lot of time and hot glued/wired in the velvet fabric to the inside and cut out some styrofoam (the floral styrofoam you can get at the ol' hoblob. or even joannes, or michaels.) and i covered it in the same red velvet and wired through some floral wire to make loops. basically i knit it through and just put pens in to measure size and shape. it was kind of a bitch at first, but you really get the hang of it after a few hours.
sorry for the discoloration of the picture, the bulbs in this room are crappy. maybe i will have some better ones later, but for now i just have some more crappy lit pictures of the inserts. =]
so yeah, it was pretty fun to make! right now i am choosing the pens that get to go inside this lovely display. of course, only the favorites will be chosen. as you can see, i already lined up my GellyRoll Souffle pens in one of the inserts and i am quite happy with that decision, given that they perfectly fit the ten wire loops. its so exciting!
oh, and i also finished the name tags for all the little pens today. it took quite some time but i think it worked out nicely. they are named in order of favorites in their own colors in different languages. each name tag is precisely written out on paper and then cut out with an exacto knife and then taped on the pen with a glossy finished tape. it looks quite nice, actually. and of course, this is all cataloged. next, i am finishing those inventories! woo!


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