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Monday, December 6, 2010

wow. scurry central.

gettin shit done.
want to see my baby?
oh shes beautiful.
actually i think its more of a he.
yes, actually. a he.
its that instrument box i told you about. i spent a lot of time and hot glued/wired in the velvet fabric to the inside and cut out some styrofoam (the floral styrofoam you can get at the ol' hoblob. or even joannes, or michaels.) and i covered it in the same red velvet and wired through some floral wire to make loops. basically i knit it through and just put pens in to measure size and shape. it was kind of a bitch at first, but you really get the hang of it after a few hours.
sorry for the discoloration of the picture, the bulbs in this room are crappy. maybe i will have some better ones later, but for now i just have some more crappy lit pictures of the inserts. =]
so yeah, it was pretty fun to make! right now i am choosing the pens that get to go inside this lovely display. of course, only the favorites will be chosen. as you can see, i already lined up my GellyRoll Souffle pens in one of the inserts and i am quite happy with that decision, given that they perfectly fit the ten wire loops. its so exciting!
oh, and i also finished the name tags for all the little pens today. it took quite some time but i think it worked out nicely. they are named in order of favorites in their own colors in different languages. each name tag is precisely written out on paper and then cut out with an exacto knife and then taped on the pen with a glossy finished tape. it looks quite nice, actually. and of course, this is all cataloged. next, i am finishing those inventories! woo!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

oh glorious day

=] today i am making name tags for my pens. i figured not everyone knows what to call them, so they just end up specifying them by color and type. which i really think is disrespectful to the value of the particular pen. so i decided to put name tags on them so that people dont have to struggle through it anymore! =] and i even found perfect names for all of them. aside from a few favorites (to be properly displayed in my pen box) that will be named after my friends, etc, i will be naming them after their color but in their own different and unique languages! i think they will enjoy that. its a nice way to distinguish, while at the same time keeping individualism. that will really boost moral among my little soldiers. oh, happy day!

currently i am cutting out their tiny name tags with my exacto knife and watching aaron play video games! sigh. so today is just going well.

update on my pen box: coming along beautifully. went to joanne fabrics last night and got some red velvet for the interior and some foam for the plat forms and i think this is really going to go along fine =]. i will probably end up doing it tomorrow, especially since my due date has been pushed back (thank you, christian. =]). and then friday i have to make little coffins and write the obituaries for the pens that died in the past few days ( =[ ive lost some good pens lately. sigh.) so i need to properly respect their passing to the next world.
its going to be a busy week, but oh well.


Monday, November 29, 2010


i miss my pens.
i left them at aarons house last night after we came back to cincinnati and right now i am seriously missing them.
i didnt journal all weekend and that is just upsetting because i made quite a vow to keep my feelings on paper and off of my facebook statuses. i will try a little harder. i spent a lot of time with my family though and that is what is seriously important. BUT my pens can come a close second, cant they?


here is the link to the ebay page of the Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight pens that i am so anxious to get my hands on. as soon as i figure out my paypal account, i will be all over it. i knew you guys (no one) would be interested!

sigh. also, right now i am currently PUMPED because i found that really old (i figured out that it was an old instrument box. probably for a trumpet, it seems) box that i got at the antique store and i know exactly what im doing with it (http://inkedmylife.blogspot.com/2010/11/productivity.html) and i just think it sounds amazing. im honestly really excited to do it. however, i made a huge oopsy and forgot my fathers staple gun at home, so this may get a little interesting. haha. i suppose it will all be alright.

now i DON'T think that i will get something THIS crazy done....
can you believe that this guy picked up an old cigar box and did this? isnt it just so nice? sheesh. he must have so much time on his hands. hes my role model. he has this knack for fixing up things and also for loving pens =] makes him pretty dang awesome to me.
anyways, i think he just covered it with the cow print stuff, and it APPEARS that it was stick on because its so smooth. however, probably not. he probably just rules. ha. so i just dont think mine will be as crazy as this. but you never know. it could still be cool. i will love it none the less. =]

right now i am in drawing class and i should be working on my self portrait, but pencils stink.

all i want to do is blog and then write in my journal with all my colors. (did i tell you i found a new pen to love? its a Bic. i mean, i dont KNOW that its a bic, but they are pretty signature. so i can guess. its an accurate assumption. anyways, they were selling them in town in bluffton and i bought one for my little sister and one for me. they have duct tape flowers on the end of them. i know, childish. but you have to appreciate the simple things in life and cheesy flower pens is one of them. i thought they were just precious. obviously not 75$ fountain pen material, but not everything can be. i dont discriminate.

so yeah, woo!
i was also looking online today to see if there are conventions or anything that i could go to. i just thought, you know, people have conventions for everything so hey why not? right? yeah i think so.

okay so heres the deal. theres an annual Ohio Pen Show. isnt that awesome? how did i not know about this? this year it was November 2-7. WHAT THE CRAP. its in columbus and i just barely missed it! this is so poop. well, i guess now i can just be extra prepared for next year. and i mean extra. i will start saving money and stuff. i hope its not TOO fancy. i mean, im sure there will be lots of fancy pens but i hope thats not all there is. but i would love a nice fountain pen. sure would.
theres the link for the official website.
oh, and i found this! the ultimate ohio pen...
isnt that nice looking? it may be a little large gripped for my hand but it is a beautiful pen. and its fountain! classy, my dear. oh, my, it is quite nice.

well. i will keep looking for another show. i could just kick myself for missing this one.


Saturday, November 27, 2010


well today aaron and i went down to a little antique shop in bluffton called the Deer Creek Mercantile. its nuts, obviously. lol.

i found some amazing things, actually. one happens to be a sweet christmas pen.. it has an angel on it and has green and silver and gold. i was quite pleased with myself, actually. then i found some cute duct tape rose pens and i got one for my sister, and obviously a matching one for myself.

then i found this cute little old instrument case. it was quite awesome, in fact. all the stuff had been taken out of it and it was just a box and it was only five dollars, which is pretty impressive. i just knew it would be perfect as a carrying case for some of my nicer pens. i know that i wont fit them all in there but i can def. fit my favorites.
HOW IM GONNA DO IT? well i can tell you that just right now =] im going to cut card board into a nice snug fit for the bottom of the box and use a staple gun to secure some red velvet to the card board, covering it completely. i will end up with maybe 3 pieces of card board? depends on how many will fit. they will be little layering inserts that lie on top of each other. then i will use something to poke a hole in the cardboard/red velvet and put wire or something through it multiple times in a row to make little slots for the pens. it will be perfect. i do hope it ends up looking as awesome as i think it may. it will make a nice little stationary/pen box. =]

overall, today was very good. i found a lot of other things at the mercantile too (like an old military foot trunk. its dark green and it was 15 dollars. thats insane, right? i love it.) and my sister kicked some serious ass in her second varsity basketball game. and shes only a freshman! woo. =]


Friday, November 26, 2010

Inked For Life

hola everyone! and by everyone, i probably mean no one. no one at all.
but i guess talking at no one makes me feel less like im really just talking to myself on the internet. my HolyWifiBatman is rolling its eyes.

today is Thanksgiving. and if i capitalized it, that means i like it. and i DID. lots of good food and i got to go see my boyfriends family for once. they dont get together as often as my family does so its fun to go visit them. NOT to mention one of his cousins had a really nice fountain pen that was quite fun to look at. i always feel nervous checking out other peoples fountain pens though because i always feel like they will run out of ink so fast, you know? what with the pen having the word "fountain" in the name. but i found one online that is like the most amazing one. seriously its the hunk of penworld. aaaaannnnddd here.
anyways, its amazing. isnt it just beautiful? its like an orange gold color, which is so fantastic because orange happens to be my very favorite color. and i mean, its such a nice pen so maybe i should choose a more sophisticated color to drool over, but i will choose pretty much anything over traditional sophisticated it seems. i mean with anything, too. ha. so yeah, i think its just gorgeous. i dont know much about it because i havent actually had a chance to inspect it or anything. its from Jetpens.com, which is actually a really nice and very established pen website, by the way. anyways, all i know from the website is that its a Tombow Object with a fine tip to it, which means the ink should go fairly slowly in it. which is good because like i said, thats something i worry about. especially with a pen as nice as this. i mean, i am not even sure if the ink cartridge is refillable. i mean, with a pen this expensive (on sale its 75.00$, with a carrying case.) you really need to be able to be sure of certain things. i dont know why it is that much money ( with an aluminum body and plastic grip). with such a high price, one would think that there would be crack in the ink or something. and the fumes could like...get to you. i dont know. but i still love the idea of this pen. i want it so badly but i just dont have the money to be doing stuff like this right now. but when i do.....this pen will be mine.

so that was the excitement for today. Oh AND I got to see my family. and stuff. so hey that was cool. well its off to bed. i did some good Black Friday shopping and got some good deals (UGH but the pens werent on sale at all. but thats okay because i have a few wishlists on a few different sites so i will still be getting some this holiday season =] including the Moonlight edition of the Gelly Roll pens! they dont sell them anymore. not anywhere i have seen, at least. they just quit. they always used to sell them individually all over the place but idk. its like they just disappeared. so im actually bidding for some on ebay. they are from japan but they will be SO worth it. 15 colors of beautiful opaque neon and pastels. lovely.) and got a birthday present for aaron. so thats worth it.

but right now i should be off to bed because my bag of funions ran out like 6 minutes ago so i need to just quit being awake lol. good night everyone and happy pen hunting!