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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

oh glorious day

=] today i am making name tags for my pens. i figured not everyone knows what to call them, so they just end up specifying them by color and type. which i really think is disrespectful to the value of the particular pen. so i decided to put name tags on them so that people dont have to struggle through it anymore! =] and i even found perfect names for all of them. aside from a few favorites (to be properly displayed in my pen box) that will be named after my friends, etc, i will be naming them after their color but in their own different and unique languages! i think they will enjoy that. its a nice way to distinguish, while at the same time keeping individualism. that will really boost moral among my little soldiers. oh, happy day!

currently i am cutting out their tiny name tags with my exacto knife and watching aaron play video games! sigh. so today is just going well.

update on my pen box: coming along beautifully. went to joanne fabrics last night and got some red velvet for the interior and some foam for the plat forms and i think this is really going to go along fine =]. i will probably end up doing it tomorrow, especially since my due date has been pushed back (thank you, christian. =]). and then friday i have to make little coffins and write the obituaries for the pens that died in the past few days ( =[ ive lost some good pens lately. sigh.) so i need to properly respect their passing to the next world.
its going to be a busy week, but oh well.


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