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Saturday, November 27, 2010


well today aaron and i went down to a little antique shop in bluffton called the Deer Creek Mercantile. its nuts, obviously. lol.

i found some amazing things, actually. one happens to be a sweet christmas pen.. it has an angel on it and has green and silver and gold. i was quite pleased with myself, actually. then i found some cute duct tape rose pens and i got one for my sister, and obviously a matching one for myself.

then i found this cute little old instrument case. it was quite awesome, in fact. all the stuff had been taken out of it and it was just a box and it was only five dollars, which is pretty impressive. i just knew it would be perfect as a carrying case for some of my nicer pens. i know that i wont fit them all in there but i can def. fit my favorites.
HOW IM GONNA DO IT? well i can tell you that just right now =] im going to cut card board into a nice snug fit for the bottom of the box and use a staple gun to secure some red velvet to the card board, covering it completely. i will end up with maybe 3 pieces of card board? depends on how many will fit. they will be little layering inserts that lie on top of each other. then i will use something to poke a hole in the cardboard/red velvet and put wire or something through it multiple times in a row to make little slots for the pens. it will be perfect. i do hope it ends up looking as awesome as i think it may. it will make a nice little stationary/pen box. =]

overall, today was very good. i found a lot of other things at the mercantile too (like an old military foot trunk. its dark green and it was 15 dollars. thats insane, right? i love it.) and my sister kicked some serious ass in her second varsity basketball game. and shes only a freshman! woo. =]


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