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Friday, November 26, 2010

Inked For Life

hola everyone! and by everyone, i probably mean no one. no one at all.
but i guess talking at no one makes me feel less like im really just talking to myself on the internet. my HolyWifiBatman is rolling its eyes.

today is Thanksgiving. and if i capitalized it, that means i like it. and i DID. lots of good food and i got to go see my boyfriends family for once. they dont get together as often as my family does so its fun to go visit them. NOT to mention one of his cousins had a really nice fountain pen that was quite fun to look at. i always feel nervous checking out other peoples fountain pens though because i always feel like they will run out of ink so fast, you know? what with the pen having the word "fountain" in the name. but i found one online that is like the most amazing one. seriously its the hunk of penworld. aaaaannnnddd here.
anyways, its amazing. isnt it just beautiful? its like an orange gold color, which is so fantastic because orange happens to be my very favorite color. and i mean, its such a nice pen so maybe i should choose a more sophisticated color to drool over, but i will choose pretty much anything over traditional sophisticated it seems. i mean with anything, too. ha. so yeah, i think its just gorgeous. i dont know much about it because i havent actually had a chance to inspect it or anything. its from Jetpens.com, which is actually a really nice and very established pen website, by the way. anyways, all i know from the website is that its a Tombow Object with a fine tip to it, which means the ink should go fairly slowly in it. which is good because like i said, thats something i worry about. especially with a pen as nice as this. i mean, i am not even sure if the ink cartridge is refillable. i mean, with a pen this expensive (on sale its 75.00$, with a carrying case.) you really need to be able to be sure of certain things. i dont know why it is that much money ( with an aluminum body and plastic grip). with such a high price, one would think that there would be crack in the ink or something. and the fumes could like...get to you. i dont know. but i still love the idea of this pen. i want it so badly but i just dont have the money to be doing stuff like this right now. but when i do.....this pen will be mine.

so that was the excitement for today. Oh AND I got to see my family. and stuff. so hey that was cool. well its off to bed. i did some good Black Friday shopping and got some good deals (UGH but the pens werent on sale at all. but thats okay because i have a few wishlists on a few different sites so i will still be getting some this holiday season =] including the Moonlight edition of the Gelly Roll pens! they dont sell them anymore. not anywhere i have seen, at least. they just quit. they always used to sell them individually all over the place but idk. its like they just disappeared. so im actually bidding for some on ebay. they are from japan but they will be SO worth it. 15 colors of beautiful opaque neon and pastels. lovely.) and got a birthday present for aaron. so thats worth it.

but right now i should be off to bed because my bag of funions ran out like 6 minutes ago so i need to just quit being awake lol. good night everyone and happy pen hunting!


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